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Trials of Sustainability

I’m glad that we’re shooting for the moon, because even if we miss, we’ll land among the stars. Check out this post to find out about being a little fish in the big pond of sustainable fashion.

Meet "The Harvester"

Are you ready to meet "The Harvester"?! She's our very first pair of utility pants that we know you're gonna love. Read here to discover her fit and features.

Running Simple

At WorkWear Community, we're intentionally choosing simplicity. Read on to find out why we're ready to K.I.S.S.

One Vintage Singer

Check out the story of my family’s history and how a vintage sewing machine made its way from a small village in Ukraine to Detroit, Michigan and saved my family's life.

Spreading the Word About WorkWear Community: Rocky Mountain Farmer's Union Innovation Fair

"When I dreamed up this idea, I didn’t just want to make clothes. I wanted to do something more. I want our clothes to tell a bigger story and have a greater purpose."

The Name Game

Starting a business isn’t all fun and games but naming your products sure is!


Tough Choices

Starting a business is anything but easy. With a zillion questions running through our brains, we are facing some tough choices. At WorkWear Community transparency matters, so read on to find out more!

From Branding to Capsule Wardrobes: How WorkWear Community aims to declutter

How do branding and capsule wardrobes relate? Check out this blog post to find out what WorkWear Community aims for as our brand develops and how this relates to capsule wardrobes and decluttering your closet.
Where Have All the Basics Gone?!

Where Have All the Basics Gone?!

The struggle is real when shopping for quality basics. Read on to find out about how we want to solve this problem. Whether it's wearing your basics on the job or on the town, you and your wardrobe deserve some quality basics!

Welcome to the Process!

Welcome to WorkWear Community! We’re excited that you’re interested in our startup, apparel brand for women. Our focus is to create modern work wear for ladies who work tough and love getting dirty. Check out this post for how we're getting started and what we're up to. Learn all about our process here!
Sewing thread, measuring tape, and scissors for pattern making