From Branding to Capsule Wardrobes: How WorkWear Community aims to declutter

I had to think a lot about branding when I first started working on the plans for WorkWear Community. It’s actually something a business has to continually think about if they want to leave a lasting impression. A brand is more than a logo or a color scheme or the design of a promotional flyer. While all of those design elements are a crucial piece to branding, here is what I’ve found to be the most all-encompassing definition of branding. “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another,” said Seth Godin in his blog post “define: Brand”.

For WorkWear, our brand is defined by these four words:





From logo design to the fit of our products to how we interact with our customers, these four words will drive us on our mission to creating functional, high-quality, women’s clothing that is simple, fashionable, and suited for women who work hard and play harder.

In our last blog post, I shared my never-ending search for good basics. Good basics are a part of any complete wardrobe, but they’re crucial for capsule wardrobes. I heard this term a few years ago when I was working in bridal. One of my colleagues, an incredibly cool fashionista, was listening to me go on and on about how I was struggling with shopping and my wardrobe. As I explained what I was looking for, she said “Oh, so you just want a capsule wardrobe”. A what? Yep. After I did some research, that’s exactly what I wanted. How does this relate to our brand at WorkWear? Well a capsule wardrobe is simple, classic, intentional, and reliable. All the things we’re striving to do at WorkWear. **Check out the links below to find out exactly what a capsule wardrobe is!**

Don’t stress. While capsule wardrobes are built off basics that are the foundation for many different people, not each wardrobe will have all the same pieces. Each will have their own personalities and must haves. One woman might have her necessary trench-style coat for her downtown marketing career, while the other has her can’t-live-without black, leather, bomber jacket for meetings at the local brewery. Even though capsule wardrobes embody classic simplicity, you have to make it yours. Your color scheme, your must-have pieces, your style. And for those of you who want just a little bit more, you can always create mini capsule wardrobes built around each season.

I, myself, am slowly working to shift towards a capsule wardrobe. I go through my closet a couple times a year donating things I haven’t worn and replacing the holes with well-made, timeless pieces. Unless you’re made of money and can replace your entire wardrobe in one crazy shopping spree, I suggest you do this piece by piece. There are so many great articles and resources online on how to build a capsule wardrobe. Check out a few of my favorites below. And don’t forget, always donate your old clothes! Someone somewhere will happily take what you’re giving up.

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Lesia McGlynn

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