Spreading the Word About WorkWear Community: Rocky Mountain Farmer's Union Innovation Fair

Well the first public event is done and in the books! I had the fantastic opportunity to speak at the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Innovation Fair yesterday in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was a great introduction into what I hope will be a lot of public events and popups to spread the word about WorkWear. Check out my speech below!
“Good afternoon! How is everyone? My name is Lesia, and I’m so excited to be here surrounded by so many talented people doing incredible things. I’d like to tell you a little bit about why I’m here.
My entire life, I’ve always loved working with my hands and getting dirty. The last several years of my life, I entered the world of Ag by way of my own gardening adventures, reading, working on an urban farm, and this current season working on a commercial scale, organic farm in Boulder.
One of my biggest problems? Finding quality clothes that are made for the job, have a modern aesthetic, and actually fit a woman’s body. I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only woman struggling with this, so I decided to solve the problem.
I recently launched WorkWear Community. We are women’s workwear brand that creates functional and fashionable clothing for workers and hobbyists in trade, skilled labor, and agriculture. From industries and professions such as farming, plumbing, and carpentry, to artists, soil scientists, and butchers, or hobbies like taxidermy, welding, and tanning, the opportunities for women in non-traditional fields are endless.
As a company, WorkWear Community is intentionally crafting mindful clothes that are functional, reliable, and fit a real woman’s body. Our clothes are modeled after simple, versatile, and modern basics, that are made for women who not only work hard but play hard. We also understand the importance of environmental responsibility, which is why we do our best to source sustainable and recycled materials and produce our goods with ethical practices at the forefront.
So why the community? As humans, our need to belong is strong. That’s why we are more than just a clothing brand, but a community that believes in hard work, in trade jobs, in outdoor jobs, in craftsmanship, and in vanishing and forgotten skills. We are a community that thrives on being covered in dirt or wood shavings or paint splatters or grease. We are a community that believes in the health of our planet and doing what we can to help it thrive. At WorkWear Community, we support each other in our professional and creative endeavors.
When I dreamed up this idea, I didn’t just want to make clothes. I wanted to do something more. I want our clothes to tell a bigger story and have a greater purpose. I want our clothing to bring focus to the issue that there are so many jobs and hobbies that just aren’t presented to women. Through the WorkWear Community, we hope to expose a world of possibility to every young girl and woman who dreams of working hard.
WorkWear Community is a tribe of like-minded people who believe in promoting the advancement of females in non-traditional jobs. Our brand is here to help women discover their story and all of the amazing things they can do.
We are currently in the research and development stages working with a local patternmaker designing our first collection. This collection will include our first medium weight utility pant, two styles of basic t-shirts, a tank top, a light weight button-up, a long sleeve baseball tee, and a pair of basic work shorts. Our goal is to have our first collection ready to outfit hardworking women by the Spring of 2019, just in time for the next growing season.
All of our sales will be direct to consumer via our website, workwearcommunity.com, and we also plan to participate in local events and pop-ups so women can experience our product in person. After our Spring collection hits the market, we plan to explore clothes for different seasons and weather conditions, as well as clothes designed for all of the different events a woman might attend related to her work or hobby.
I think one of the biggest roadblocks for young women is knowing where to start. So as the company grows, I hope to implement different resources that can connect young women to educational programs, apprenticeships, and work opportunities that can start them on their journey.
There are so many companies out there, that inspired me to dream big when it comes to giveback missions. Whether it’s like TOMS one-for-one shoe program, Ten Tree’s tree planting program, or Patagonia’s 1% for the planet mission, we are brainstorming ways that as a company we can give back to the community around us.
So now I invite you to do three easy things. First, take out your phone and follow us on Instagram. You can find us under the handle workwear_community. Next, open your Facebook app and like us on Facebook. You can find us there under our name WorkWear Community. Easy enough, right?! Now you can follow our progress and stay up to date on our big adventure.
Ok, now last but not least, after today’s presentations are done, I invite you to come over to our booth and share your story. Male or female, I’d love to hear from you. Who are you? What do you do or dream of doing? How can we work together to make that happen? And for the women I’d love to hear how our clothes can serve you.
Thank you.”
Have some feedback about what you’re missing from your workwear wardrobe? Drop us a line here.
Lesia :)

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