The Name Game

I spent two years working in a high end bridal shop, and I always thought the most fun part about designing wedding dresses would be naming them. Well let me tell you, IT IS!! :) I always loved the designers that intentionally chose a name for each dress. I was fortunate enough to wear a Lela Rose. She’s an incredible designer who uses the most amazingly, unique fabrics to shape her dresses and has an incredible eye for crafting the most beautiful gowns. She names her dresses after places where she imagines her brides will get married: The Cape, The Canyon, The Lounge, the list goes on. I wore “The Desert”, and even though I got married in a repurposed warehouse, the intentionality of her naming is not lost to her brides. Many fashion designers and clothing brands name their products after inspiration, and we’re going be one of them.

Each item we create will be named after a profession or trade from builders to creatives to scientists to makers. We have names picked out from some more common trades like “The Electrician” and “The Woodworker” to niche trades like “The Taxidermist” and “The Tanner”. We see our brand being worn across all types of women and all types of occupations. From women who forge to women who create to women who fix to women who watch over our lands, WorkWear Community is for women of all kinds. Stay tuned to see what we’re going to call our first pair of all-purpose utility pants.

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