Where Have All the Basics Gone?!


As a product of the ‘90s, I will forever remember the tune of Paula Cole’s “Where Have all the Cowboys Gone”. Come on, dig deep, I’m sure it won’t be too hard to dig that tune up from the depths of your “classic female ballads of the ‘90s” bank. Instead of cowboys, I’m singing about basics. That’s right basics. Your basic t’s, tanks, sweaters, etc. Where have all the basics gooooone?!

I’ve been struggling for years trying to find a selection of good basics as I continue to simplify my wardrobe. For me, basics can go a long way. I can wear them doing yard work and running errands. I can wear my less beaten up ones with a nice pair of jeans and some ankle boots. I love basics. All I’m looking for is, let’s say, a simple, v-neck t-shirt, made of quality fabric, durable but doesn’t feel like burlap, slim fit but not skin tight, and won’t lose its shape after 5 wears. Is that too much to ask for?

I have been wearing the same black, fitted, zip up Vans hoodie for too many years. It’s time she goes into retirement. I’ve been on the hunt for this new hoodie for a solid 3, maybe even 4 years, and I cannot find an adequate replacement. This is the same for all basics. I just want well fitting, t-shirts, tanks, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, dresses. Gimmie your blacks, greys, and whites. Maybe a navy or an olive here and there. Am I just not looking hard enough?!

Bringing back quality basics, for whatever your purpose, is just one thing we want to do at WorkWear. Classic, clean, simple, versatile. Whether you wear your basics on the job or on the town, they’re a crucial part to any wardrobe. As we continue to plan and design our product line, I’ll be thinking a lot about basics. If you’ve been on the hunt for basics too, leave a comment about what you’re looking for.

Ooo! And how about those 3 packs deals? You know, like the men’s boxer briefs that come in a 3 pack? One black, one white, one gray? Can’t we do that? I don’t see why not! You can’t live off just one t-shirt, can you? **Mental note made**

Well, we started this post with a song, now let’s finish with one. Arguably, the best hit Christmas single of all time, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Alllll I want for Christmaaaassss…… is basics.


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