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As humans, we have a need to belong. You could belong to an athletic team, a political movement, a religious organization, or a professional group. You could belong to a book club, a knitting club, or maybe you're simply a group of coworkers who like to run together on the lunch break. You could belong to one group or several. Or maybe you're still hunting for your group. Or maybe you used to belong to one group, but now you're searching for a new one. Nevertheless, our need to belong is strong. That's why at WorkWear we are more than just an apparel brand. We are a community.

We are a community that believes in hard work, in trade jobs, in outdoor jobs, in craftsmanship, in vanishing and forgotten skills. We are a community that thrives on being covered in dirt or wood shavings or paint splatters or grease. We are a community that believes in the health of our planet and doing what we can to help it thrive. Most importantly, we are a community that supports the advancement of women in non-traditional jobs and hobbies, because we know these fields aren't just for the boys. While our clothes may be designed for women, our community is inclusive to all.

We are Community. We are WorkWear.