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Our Story

Our mission at WorkWear Community is to create functional and fashionable workwear for women who work or hobby in agriculture, trade, skilled labor, and more. Our clothes tell a bigger story by promoting the advancement of women in non-traditional jobs and hobbies.

But why?

Our owner and founder, Lesia, loves to garden. She also loves helping her husband, Dan, remodel their house. She actually just loves getting dirty, working hard, and can't sit still. Lesia first dreamed up WorkWear Community when she was in her garden in the ugliest, most mismatched, worn out, clothes that her closet disowned. Often times over sized, sometimes under sized, and always lacking functionality, Lesia wished for more. Good thing no one can see into her backyard...oh wait. The dreaded Home Depot run. It's not that Lesia doesn't love Home Depot (it's actually one of her favorite stores). It's more so her disheveled appearance and having to face the rest of the world looking like a total slob.

After searching through the current women's workwear clothing options, Lesia kept coming up short. She knew that she couldn't be the only woman that did not want the androgynous look of traditional work wear nor the look of western wear. She wanted simple, functional, and yes, fashionable clothes that could help her get the job done right and feel good doing it. It'd be a bonus if she could wear these clothes while not working too! And that's when the idea for WorkWear Community was born.

When Lesia's not sewing, or gardening, or cooking, or biking, she's daydreaming about one day owning her very own farm. Find out more about our community here.